How do I tell if I am a Harvard User or a Non- Harvard User?

Whatever institution is paying for the user fees is considered the "Institution of Record." One can only be considered a Harvard User if you are paying with a 33-digit account code. If you are paying with a purchase order issued by another institution, you are considered a Non- Harvard User.

Is my iris data safe?

Yes. We use iris scans (not retinal scans) only. It is simply a picture of your eye. It gets stored on a secured server encrypted as a series of numbers. Even if someone got a hold of the server, they could neither translate the numbers back to a picture nor be able to associate them with you. It is simply a recognition system that ties into the actual access system. There is no connection between your iris scan record and any confidential HR or medical records.

As a Non-Harvard User, who should the sign on behalf of the Institution on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

The Institutional signature needs to be from someone who has official signatory status for that organization. As each institution is organized differently it is impossible to specifically state a person that has signatory authority. For academic institutions, it would be a fair assumption that most people with Dean in their title have this authority. If one was to hand us such a form, we would take it to the sponsored research office as they definitely have this authority as they sign-off on Federal grant proposals as part of their function. In some cases, Dept. Chairs may… Read moreAs a Non-Harvard User, who should the sign on behalf of the Institution on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

When do I get access to a lab after I have been trained on it?

For instruments on the CNS Lab Equipment Access Network (CLEAN System), you will get scheduling/log-in rights immediately upon the technical staff member entering the training into your record. However, the card/iris reader system is connected to the building and not CLEAN. It may take up to 24 hours to get card/iris access upon completion of training.

Can I list myself as my own PI?

If you are from an academic institution you can only list yourself as PI if you actually have PI rights AND are the PI of the grant/project funding your work. For non-academic users, the person who is overseeing your project should be listed as PI. If that is you, the you can list yourself as both User and PI. However for companies with multiple user, we prefer to have a single, PI point of contact.