How do I become a CNS user?

CNS facilities are open to academic and non-academic researchers whose institution is based in the United States who enroll in the user program. 

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How will I get physical access to the labs?

For those with a Harvard ID, your HUID will be your access card. For Non HU Users, please stop by LISE 306 upon completion of the enrollment process or upon arrival for your first training session.

Is there a charge for training at CNS?

Yes, but not always. The LISE/CNS Safety Training, the LISE Cleanroom Orientation, and other safety related room overview trainings are free of charge. For specific instruments we charge for the staff time only. You can calculate a training cost by looking at the number of hours divided by the max number of attendees. For example, if there was a 2 hour training event that allowed four sign-up slots, each participant would be responsible for .5 hours of staff time. You can see the current rate… Read more

Is it OK to use my group mates log-in info?

No, it is never OK to do this. It is a safety issue as well as a way to try to circumvent scheduling parameters. The original user must cancel their reservation and the person claiming the time must log-in as themselves.

Where can I find the Scheduling Tool?

It is located in the User Portal at http://apps.cns.fas.harvard.edu/apps/NNIN_users/. Please note you will only have access to the portal upon notification of completion of the enrollment process.