Where can I find CNS policy and procedure information?

You can find general CNS policy at http://cns.fas.harvard.edu/user-policy, Billing Policies at http://cns.fas.harvard.edu/billing, and safety policy at http://cns.fas.harvard.edu/files/cns/files/sop077_r1_11_safety_manual.pdf. There is important policy information on the Registration Form for Harvard Users and the Memorandum of Understanding for Non- Harvard User.

What do I do if an instrument malfunctions while I am using it?

You should try to contact a CNS staff member immediately. You also need to complete a User Fee Waiver Form within 72 hours of the incident. Please note that a note in the instrument log, telling a staff member, or sending an email is not sufficient to get a charge waived.

What do I do if a training I want to take is full?

Email the CNS staff member in charge of the training and ask if you can be added to the training. The staff are usually accommodating unless space constraints will not allow for extra participants.