Where can I find the Scheduling Tool?

It is located in the User Portal at http://apps.cns.fas.harvard.edu/apps/NNIN_users/. Please note you will only have access to the portal upon notification of completion of the enrollment process.

Does CNS have a lost and found?

No, the LISE building office is the official lost and found for the LISE Building (LISE 304). However, please feel free to check with the CNS Admin Office in case something has been turned in to us.

When can I get my CNS access card?

After your enrollment is complete. Stop by the CNS Admin Office about 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled training and we can set you up with a CNS access card.

Where can I find information about my previous and current usage?

Your PI and main administrative contact has access to this information through our CLEAN for Administrators web portal. They can get this data for you. If you are unsure who is listed as your main administrative contact, please email us at: info@cns.fas.harvard.edu and we can let you know who is listed.