CNS Core Mission

The Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) was created to support a very clear visionThe development of a collaborative multi-disciplinary research environment to support of the creation and evolution of world-class nanoscience with the support of advanced shared facilities and technical expertise.  This center serves both the Harvard research community, as well as external researchers from academia and industry. 

Our Core Values:

  • Facilitating leading-edge, multi-disciplinary, research and education in the areas of fabrication, imaging, and characterization of nanoscale structures, across the disciplines of applied physics, biology, chemistry,  engineering, geology, materials science, medicine and physics.

  • Creating a leading collaborative nanotechnology research community by providing shared instrumentation facilities and infrastructure, expert staff, synergistic meeting places, and educational opportunities conducive to productive scientific engagement.

CNS strives to provide world-class tools for world-class research, fostering a strong competitive edge for our nation’s investigators.  We serve a broad, diverse, national set of users who are preparing the nation to meet the needs of next generation technologies.