CNS User Fees

See the PDFs below for the current user fee rates for use of CNS facilities. Please note that there is a separate set of fees for Academic and Non-Academic Users. If you are unsure about whether you are considered an Academic or Non-Academic user by CNS, please contact us at and let us know the details regarding your institution, including a web address.

For questions regarding how CNS accounts for facility use for the purposes of billing, please see the CNS web page regarding Billing Policy.

CNS facilities that are not listed (or are already included as part of one of the existing fees) on the user fee rate sheets are free of charge.

Please note that the user fees are subject to periodic review and change. CNS reserves the right to change the user fees or add new tools to the user fee rate charts with or without written notice. However, CNS will not change rates effective for the current month once that month has started. Any change occurring during a month will take effect on the first day of the next month.

Training:  CNS bills for regularly scheduled training events at the On-Site Assisted rate only (the tool rate is not charged.)  Also, the cost is divided among the available seats for a training event.  For example, if there is a 2 hour training that has 4 seats available to attend, then each seat is responsible for .5 of an hour of On-Site Assisted staff time.  Special requests for one-on-one training are charged as full On-Site Assisted use including the tool time.  CNS does not charge for basic safety training events such as the LISE CNS Safety Training and the LISE Cleanroom Orientation.


 Academic User Fee Rates

Effective 06/01/2017

Non-Academic User Fee Rates 

Effective 06/01/2017