Harvard Users

Harvard User CNS User Program enrollment procedure
last updated: 01/12/17

1. Download and complete the Application Form. 

Please make sure to write a proposal as described on the bottom of the Application Form. The proposal does not need to be long but must contain the requested information. Please remember to give your project a title as requested at the top of the application form.


2. Download and complete the Registration Form. 

Please note that this form requires signatures in a couple of different places.


3. Download and follow the instructions on the CNS Safety Form

Please note that the steps required on this form include:

*A. Reading the CNS Safety Manual 
*B. Attending the LISE/CNS Safety Training (see info below)

* Please note that Remote Use ONLY users do not need to complete this step. All other users must read the manual and attend the safety training.

Please note that the LISE/CNS Safety Training contains information that is specific to CNS labs and the LISE building. This training is different than the HU EH&S Basic Lab Safety Training that all Harvard researchers are required to attend. The LISE/CNS Safety Training and the EH&S Basic Safety Training are not interchangeable and cannot be substituted for one another.

Harvard Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) holds the LISE/CNS Safety Training normally every Tuesday and first Friday from 9:30 - 11:30 in LISE 311.

Any deviation from that schedule will be noted below.  We recommend that you check this page prior to heading over for the training in case of a late change due to illness or weather etc.

LISE/CNS Safety Training Notices:


YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN-UP IN ADVANCE FOR THIS TRAINING.  Please feel free to attend any of the regularly scheduled instances of the training that your schedule allows.  Please make certain to check this page in case of a cancellation.


4. Turn Enrollment Forms Packet to CNS Admin. Office (LISE 306)

Once the Application Form, proposal, Registration Form, and Safety Form are complete, please return them all as one packet to the CNS Administrative Office. The packet can be hand delivered to LISE 306, sent via interoffice mail, faxed to 617-384-7302 or sent by U.S. Mail to:

James Reynolds
Center for Nanoscale Systems
Harvard University
11 Oxford Street, LISE 306
Cambridge, MA 02138

Once the packet is in the hands of the CNS Administrative Office, and verified as complete, you are considered officially enrolled as a CNS/NNIN User.  You will receive an email within 24-48 hours of turning in the completed packet to confirm that your enrollment is complete.

Within the User Info section of the CNS website are specific instructions for each of the 4 major facility areas of CNS. For training on the facility or tool(s) you need to use, please consult the following links for information on how to begin the training and qualification process:

Please read the General User Information and Policy area of the User Section of the CNS website as it contains additional important information for CNS facility users.