Nanofabrication Facility Use

Instrumentation within the Nanofabrication Facility falls into two groups: Tools within the LISE Cleanroom and those not in the LISE Cleanroom.  For Nanofabrication Facility tools that are not in the LISE Cleanroom, training can commence immediately upon completion of enrollment as a CNS User.  For tools located in the LISE cleanroom, please see below for details on how to become a qualified LISE Cleanroom User.

Due to the additional safety and protocol concerns involved in working in a cleanroom environment, the following steps must be completed to be a LISE Cleanroom User. One must first become a LISE Cleanroom User prior to training and use of any tools within the LISE cleanroom.  Once the requirements below have been completed and verified by the CNS Administrative Office, a researcher will be granted entry to the LISE Cleanroom.  Also at this time, a LISE Cleanroom User can use any tool located in the cleanroom that does not require additional training and qualification. At this time, researchers can also begin training on any tool located in the cleanroom that does require additional training and qualification.

Please note that Steps 1-4 can be taken out of sequence.


General Nanofabrication Facility (NF) User Qualification Procedure

1. Enroll as a CNS/NNIN User

The Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) is a node in the National Science Foundation funded National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI). It is required that all users of any Nanofabrication Facility (NF) tool first be enrolled in the CNS User Program before any training or use of the NF facility.

To enroll, please go to: How do I become a CNS User? If you have questions or concern regarding the enrollment process, please contact us at


2. Complete the online Cleanroom User Protocol (CUP) training

This training consists of a presentation that instructs prospective users in basic rules of use of the LISE Cleanroom.


Cleanroom User Protocol


3. Take and pass the online CUP Quiz

The CUP quiz is a multiple-choice, web-based quiz on the Cleanroom User Protocol (CUP). In order to take this quiz you will need to click here.

Please note: If our firewall prompts you for a username and password, email for login credentials.


4. Complete Cleanroom Orientation

In order to become qualified as a LISE Cleanroom User, attendance at a LISE Cleanroom Orientation is required. Please print out and bring a copy of the cleanroom orientation form to your scheduled orientation session.


Cleanroom Orientation Form 

Users are responsible for printing out and bringing this form to the orientation!

Pre-registration for the orientation is required and can be done at the CNS Special Training Sign-Up

Please note: If our firewall prompts you for a username and password, email for login credentials.

Trainings are normally held on Tuesday and Thursday.  However, please check the training page, as the schedule is subject to change.

Upon completion, the CNS Nanofabrication Facility staff member who conducted the orientation will sign the last page of the form. You will also need to sign it as well. Once signed, the form needs to be turned into the CNS Admin. Office (LISE 306) in person or by fax to 617-384-7302.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the LISE Cleanroom Orientation, please contact one of the following Nanofabrication Facility staff members:

John Tsakirgis, 617-384-9651, (primary)

JD Deng, 617-495-3396, (back-up)

The meeting place for the Cleanroom Orientation is in front of the entrance to the LISE Cleanroom (G07).


5. Iris Scan System Registration

Upon completion of steps 1-4, you need to go to the CNS Admin. Office (LISE 306) to get set-up in the iris reader system used to access the LISE cleanroom.

If you want to learn more about the iris reader technology, you can visit the LG Iris website.

Once steps 1-6 are completed, you will be considered a LISE Cleanroom User. Please see below for additional information on how to become trained on specific tools within the LISE Cleanroom.


6. LISE Wet Bench Training (Optional)

Please note that if any of the work you will do in the LISE cleanroom will involve use of the wet benches (or instrumentation that normally requires wetbench work even if you do not plan to use them), there is a special LISE wet bench training/qualification required.  Users must pre-register for this training and can do so at the CNS Special Training Sign-Up.

Please note: If our firewall prompts you for a username and password, email for login credentials.

You must already be a General LISE Cleanroom User (completed steps 1-5) in order to take this training. Please note that if your work in the LISE cleanroom will not involve the wet benches at all, you do not need to take this training.



Specific Nanofabrication Facility (NF) Tool User Training and Qualification

1. Become a LISE Cleanroom User if the tool is in the LISE Cleanroom: you must be a LISE Cleanroom User prior to training on an instrument within the cleanroom. 


2. Training and Qualification: training involves the explanation and observation of facility/tool operation and precedes qualification. Qualification is the verification of training and typically includes CNS staff observing the User operate the facility or tool in a safe and productive manner. In many cases, training and qualification are covered at the same session.

If the training is listed on the CNS Training Sign-Up, simply sign-up for the next available session.

Please note: If our firewall prompts you for a username and password, email for login credentials.

If the tool you are looking to be trained on is not listed online, please determine the appropriate CNS Nanofabrication Facility staff member to contact. If you require assistance please contact us at


3. Access: Upon completing steps 1-3, the CNS NF staff member will give you the necessary access rights for the tool.

After completion of the above steps, you are considered a qualified user of that specific tool.

Please Note:

  • Only qualified Users are allowed to schedule and use equipment
  • An official qualification is required even if the person is a qualified user of a similar tool at another facility or institution.
  • Retraining may be necessary if a user hasn’t used the specific tool for a long period of time.
  • Do not schedule time for others.
  • You must conform to all rules and procedures regarding use of the specific tool including properly using the CLEAN system.
  • Bringing in others from your group to “observe” is not allowed with out prior permission from the Nanofabrication Facility Manager. This will be strictly enforced.