Non-Harvard Users

Non-Harvard User CNS User Program Enrollment Procedure
last updated: 01/12/2017

1. Contact CNS to initiate your project

Send an e-mail to briefly describing your project, what facilities, tools, or processes are required, and any questions you may have regarding use of CNS facilities.


2. Download Application Form

Complete the Application Form and write a proposal as requested on page two of the form.  Please make sure to give your project a title.


3. Email completed Application Form and Proposal

Please e-mail the Application Form and proposal to

4. CNS Project Review

A CNS technical staff member will review your proposal and determine whether CNS has the capabilities and facilities to perform the project. They may contact you with any questions or concerns about your project.

If you have already contacted a member of the CNS Technical Staff and discussed the basics of your project and they informed you that we have the capabilities required to carryout the project, then proceed directly to Step 6.

Please allow 24-48 hours for proposal review.


5. CNS Project Approval

Once CNS approves the project, you will be notified by e-mail. Proceed to step 6 upon approval.


6. Complete The Following Enrollment Forms

Download and complete the following enrollment forms:

Please note that the Billing Information Form and MOU require signatures other than those of the User. Also, a copy of the Purchase Order document is required*. The Institutional signature on the MOU needs to be someone who has the authority to sign on behalf of your institution. Normally, Users, PIs, and administrative assistants do not have this authority.

Please note that the minimum PO amount does not mean that is the minimum charge that you will receive from CNS.  We have the PO minimum in place to prevent delays in payment when a PO amount is set too low.  CNS only actually charges for actual usage/service. 

7. Download and follow the instructions on the CNS Safety Form.

Please note that the steps required on this form include:

*A. Reading the CNS Safety Manual
*B. Attending the LISE/CNS Safety Training (see info below)

* Please note that Remote Use ONLY users who will NEVER be on-site do not need to complete this step.  All other users must read the manual and attend the safety training.

Please note that the LISE/CNS Safety Training contains information that is specific to CNS labs and the LISE building. As such, this training is not interchangeable and cannot be substituted for any another safety training taken at Harvard or elsewhere.

Harvard Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) holds the LISE/CNS Safety Training normally every Tuesday and first Friday from 9:30 - 11:30 in LISE 311.

Any deviation from that schedule will be noted below.  We recommend that you check this page prior to heading over for the training in case of a late change due to illness or weather etc.

LISE/CNS Safety Training Notices:


YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN-UP IN ADVANCE FOR THIS TRAINING.  Please feel free to attend any of the regularly scheduled instances of the training that your schedule allows.  Please make certain to check this page in case of a cancellation.


LISE 311 Is located at the following address:
11 Oxford Street
Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE)
Cambridge, MA 02138

If you will require parking, please email us at and CNS will send you instructions on how to set up an online guest parking account at Harvard as well as directions to the local Harvard garages.


8. Completion of Enrollment Process

Once completed and signed, the enrollment packet should be returned to the CNS Administrative Office in one of the following ways: emailed to, faxed to 617-384-7302, hand delivered to LISE 306, or sent by U.S. Mail to:

James Reynolds
Center for Nanoscale Systems
Harvard University
11 Oxford Street, LISE 306
Cambridge, MA 02138

Upon CNS review, CNS will send an e-mail to the user within 24-48 hours to confirm that enrollment is complete.  The email will contain other important information regarding the CNS User Program.


9. Initiate Tool/Facility Training

At this point, you will be considered enrolled as a CNS User. Please note that there are other steps that must be completed in order to become qualified in order to use various CNS facilities and tools. 

Please read the General User Information and Policy area of the User Info Section of the CNS website, as it contains additional important information for CNS Users.