CNS User Info

Welcome to the CNS/NNIN User Info section of the CNS website. This section provides important and useful information for prospective, new, and current users of CNS facilities.

CNS is part of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN). The NNIN is a National Science Foundation program that consists of 14 institutions that together form a national network of facilities available for all academic users. For more general information regarding the NNIN program, please see the NNIN section of our website or go to the NNIN main web page at

Since the core mission of the NNIN is to create an open national user facility network, CNS welcomes users from other academic and non-academic institutions to become Users of CNS facilities.

All of our facilities/tools are considered part of the NNIN program. Enrollment in the CNS/NNIN User Program is required in order to use any tool, lab, or service provided by CNS.

If you are interested in enrolling in the CNS/NNIN User Program, please proceed to the page How do I become a CNS/NNIN User?

Please read through all of the pages in the User Info section of the CNS website as it contains important information regarding usage of CNS facilities. Within this section you will be able to see the enrollment process, how to go about getting trained within specific facilities once enrolled (Nanofabrication, Imaging, Materials, Computation), how to properly acknowledge CNS and the NNIN for publications resulting from worked performed at or by CNS, all forms relating to usage, information on the user fees for use, the general information and policies relating to usage.

Upon looking through this section, if you have any questions or concerns relating to the CNS/NNIN User Program, please feel free to contact us