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CNS Enabled Technologies

  • Nanoscale magnetic sensor

  • Environmental SEM

  • Biological and Biomaterials Imaging

  • Atomic Resolution TEM Imaging

  • Injectable Self-assembling Inorganic Scaffolds

  • Linear and Nonlinear Confocal Microscopy

  • 25nm Field Effect Transistor

  • Quantum Dot Structures

  • Complex Microfluidic Systems

  • Single Electron Transistor

  • SiO2 Corkscrew Stuctures

  • Nanowire Transistor

  • NanoPhotonic Resonators

  • Diamond NanoPhotonics

  • Complex MEMs Arrays

  • GaN Nanodisks

  • Q-Dot Device

CNS Events

Axiom Optics Microscopy Workshop

The 1st New Approaches in Light Microscopy Workshop - November 17th-19th

Edax Microanalysis Workshop

On Thursday November 19th 9am-5pm - 11 Oxford Street, LISE 303

Please email Andrew Magyar to register -

Biosensing via Controlling Light at the Nanoscale

CNS seminar this Friday, Nov. 20,  12pm-1pm, 11 Oxford St., LISE 303 - Speaker: Dr. Qimin Quan.